Monday, February 05, 2007

versatile vegan shit paste

versatile vegan shit paste for those priviledged enough to have access to a food processor or chopper.

organic chive
organic ginger
organic soybeans
organic soy sauce
organic olive oil
organic tomato
organic raw pumpkin seeds
organic whole soybean pasta (by Nutrition Kitchen)

first shell soybeans if they are not already shelled. chop ginger and chives into chunks. cop ginger and chives in food processor. add soybeans and olive oil and soy sauce. add the sauces gradually to taste. blend until smooth paste. you can add raw pumpkin seeds to the shit paste if you prefer a nuttier taste. at this point you can use it as a dip with vegetables. that might be good if you are going to a party or family dinner and are the only vegan so you won't feel as alienated while everyone else is eating chunks of cheese and meat on crackers. i used it to mix in with organic whole soybean pasta and tomato chunks. i liked it. it is pretty thick and rich so you could probably also use it as a substitute for mayonnaise or something on your tofurky sandwich though i wouldn't recommend tofurky because it has natural flavors. it tastes a little like it is made of avacados. i hope you like it.


Blogger The Vegan Countess said...

Not the tastiest title, but it looks delicious.

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